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It's time to start living
a life worthy of you.

Work with Roshelle

Private Laser Sessions with Roshelle

You're seeking focused support and you need someone to help you anchor the energy for your bigger vision. Someone who can help you identify and release subconscious patterns and blocks, core wounds and beliefs, and limiting hypnotic language patterns that are preventing you from getting outside your comfort zone. Someone to hold space for things that challenge your current way of thinking, and and gently guide you through things that are difficult for you to hear.


Private sessions are a place to receive support while you claim a life that's worthy of you. This is the container where you get to work with me at the highest and deepest level.

Together, we shine a light onto limiting thought patterns and language, distortions, and ways you have been hypnotizing yourself to hold yourself paralyzed in a story that limits whats possible. In our sessions, you are held in sacred, non-judgmental space, knowing that you're not alone and that someone has your back.

This container is where you get really clear on what's been holding you back and you get to choose that it's no longer the path you're following. You get support as you commit that you are choosing a new way forward. When familiar patterns are calling your attention, you get support in making the familiar become unfamiliar. Throughout our time together, you get to choose what you are no longer tolerating in your life and you get to choose to commit to a life that's worthy of you.

You are worthy of the life of your dreams, and if you feel my support would help you along your journey, I'd love to explore whats possible with you.

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6 Months of Laser Support

Are You Ready to Say YES to Your Inner Wisdom?

If you YEARN to get in touch with a deeper sense of yourself,
to EXPERIENCE nourishing and rewarding relationships,
to TOUCH financial freedom and prosperity,
to LIVE your soul’s purpose in your career and in all areas of your life,
to BE in love with yourself and with life,
then the opportunity to achieve all of this is waiting for you.

If you KNOW that working privately with me is the next step for you,
send me a message, an email, or book a discovery call. Let me know what your biggest YES DESIRE for this inner journey is, and why now is the time for you to claim this.

I want to ensure I'm serving you and your highest good in the best way possible. When we chat, I'll ask a few questions to see how I can best help
you move into your desires and claim a life thats worthy of you.

If you have questions, email us at [email protected], or send us a message.

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- Marion -

I loved my sessions with Roshelle! She really helped me zoom in on and reframe my goal, and as a result gave me a new perspective on how to tackle it. I really enjoyed how our conversations helped me to intentionally see my strengths and passions, as well as the places where I can focus further work. During our sessions she guided me through concrete solutions and helped me develop a plan of action that I was able to implement starting right after our talk. Thank you Roshelle!

- Tracey -

My work with Roshelle was beyond my expectations… I never realized that I needed to go that deep in order to get a clearer vision on who I am and what my purpose in life truly is all about. It has created a whole new level in my life that I never even imagined possible! This experience was magical in every sense of the word… from the journey she took me on to the place I needed to see! I invite anybody who wants to reach that personal level of knowing your truth, to have a session with Roshelle! Thank you so much for this incredible journey!

- Jean -

I had a very heavy feeling in my heart area for a few months now prior to working with Roshelle. During my sessions with her we did an incredible process to open my heart space more by removing old pain that was ready to be released.

I find that Roshelle has beautiful energy, it is very soft and sweet! And I honestly believe anyone can benefit from working with her in the area of the heart!

I highly recommend her work!

Online Programs

You want to explore your inner journey with tools and activations to go deep on your own terms, and create a new way of experiencing life.

And you want to know more details.

Click here for the full list of programs available.

Be the change you wish to see in the world."

- Mahatma Gandhi -