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It's time to start living
a life worthy of you.

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Drawn to Receive Coaching, Intuitive Guidance and Healing?

Imagine you are struggling with an experience you've been holding onto for a while. And every time it comes up, the emotional charge drains you. It leaves you feeling unsure of what's truly needed to shift your inner state.

You're feeling out of alignment with what you're currently experiencing in life.

You're desiring a new way of expressing yourself out into the world, but keep getting stuck in old patterns.

You're grieving who you've never had the courage to be, but also fear embodying this version of yourself.

You're spinning in circles getting nowhere fast, disappointed with the outcome.

You judge yourself and listen to that critical inner voice distorting beliefs and limiting blocks.

You have painful memories and childhood wounding that is impacting how you're showing up for yourself and those you care deeply about. You crave a deeper connection with your intuitive nature, your soul-purpose and being in alignment with both.

Imagine what it would be like to to be wrapped in that supportive, sacred container with a host of guides and masters of the highest love & light working with you to embody your dreams and visions.

Imagine what it would be like to step into the truth of who you are and who you're here to be, with ease, grace and flow.

Imagine what it would feel like to change your relationship with yourself. To free yourself from the distortions, limitations and beliefs that were holding you back and preventing you from claiming your dreams.

What's possible for you from this frequency?

What dream is awakening within?

What it would be like to receive the exact type and level of support you desire to shift your emotional state and nourish your heart & soul?

Now Imagine...

Work with Roshelle

Working with Roshelle can touch deeply on various aspects in your life.

If you YEARN to get in touch with a deeper sense of yourself,
to EXPERIENCE nourishing and rewarding relationships,
to TOUCH financial freedom and prosperity,
to LIVE your soul's purpose in your career and in all areas of your life,
to BE in love with yourself and with life,

then take the first step and book a call.

Imagine saying yes to what excites you most in life from a deeply nourished heart. Imagine living a life where your new normal is a life full of peace, joy and beauty.

What's possible for you now?

Dare to Dream Vision Quest: A VIP Virtual Retreat

Imagine you've just finished your Dare to Dream Vision Quest. We dove deep together and created a space where you could utilize your intuition to ground in the vision of what truly lights you up.

We've woven a space that highlights what's possible for you to claim and create. A space where you remember who you came here to be and clarify a way to ground that reality into your now.

We're sitting here together at the end of the Virtual Retreat, toasting the journey we've taken these two days and celebrating the shifts you've already set into motion.

With all this momentum carrying your toward your dreams, what will you create in your life?

Journey with Roshelle on a Private 2 Day Virtual Retreat

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2 Days to lean into and activate your deepest vision, ask questions and get the support you need to take steps into creating a life you're excited about

Transmissions & Guided Journey's to assist you in aligning with your Soul Desires,  accessing your vision & letting go of blocks

Reflection questions & exercises to deepen your clarity

90-Day Deep Dive

Imagine, you've just completed a 90 day deep dive, and you're looking back over everything that has shifted for you.

We've created a deep, sacred container to explore an issue you've been struggling with. An inner place that felt vulnerable and exposed, afraid of being judged and shamed. A place that has been crying out to be held deeply, to be loved and nurtured without condition.

We've gone gently into that place to honour the wisdom of its journey that it had to share with you. We've held it and nurtured the wounds that were ready to release their hold on the painful story. And we've shifted the narrative that's been on repeat.

As you're sitting here remembering your journey, I want to acknowledge and celebrate you. For where you've been and where you're going. But most importantly, for where you are. It takes courage to act on the changes you want to see in your world.

As you take it all in, as you lean into what's possible for you, what are you celebrating?

OMG YES! This is exactly what I've been seeking - SIGN ME UP!

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roadmap vision call

3 month deep dive into 1-2 areas of struggle in your life

weekly coaching & mentoring calls

Intuitive Life Coaching Sessions

Would you like to customize your coaching package?

These packages are custom designed based on your individual needs and requirements for support. Your experience is designed based on:

✨ Length of session ✨
✨ Frequency of calls ✨
✨ Length of term ✨
✨ In-between session support ✨
✨ Additional support material ✨

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onboarding vision call

in-session guided journeys

weekly or bi-weekly intuitive coaching
& mentoring sessions

6-12 Month or Ongoing

Gold Package

Includes Gold:

additional support material

as needed in between session support
via text & voice messages


onboarding vision callin-session guided journeys
weekly or bi-weekly sessions
6-12 Month or Ongoing

Platinum Package

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In this single session container, we'll deep dive into one area where you are seeking additional support. This will typically be an area where you are experiencing an emotional charge, and where you are seeking deeper clarity, release and peace.

We'll also explore what next steps would be helpful for you to take to claim a life thats worthy of you. This may include after session exercises, making lifestyle shifts, perusing additional resources, or booking an additional session or package.

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If you're wondering which option is best for you, let's chat!

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- Marion -

I loved my sessions with Roshelle! She really helped me zoom in on and reframe my goal, and as a result gave me a new perspective on how to tackle it. I really enjoyed how our conversations helped me to intentionally see my strengths and passions, as well as the places where I can focus further work. During our sessions she guided me through concrete solutions and helped me develop a plan of action that I was able to implement starting right after our talk. Thank you Roshelle!

- Tracey -

My work with Roshelle was beyond my expectations… I never realized that I needed to go that deep in order to get a clearer vision on who I am and what my purpose in life truly is all about. It has created a whole new level in my life that I never even imagined possible! This experience was magical in every sense of the word… from the journey she took me on to the place I needed to see! I invite anybody who wants to reach that personal level of knowing your truth, to have a session with Roshelle! Thank you so much for this incredible journey!

- Jean -

I had a very heavy feeling in my heart area for a few months now prior to working with Roshelle. During my sessions with her we did an incredible process to open my heart space more by removing old pain that was ready to be released.

I find that Roshelle has beautiful energy, it is very soft and sweet! And I honestly believe anyone can benefit from working with her in the area of the heart!

I highly recommend her work!

Be the change you wish to see in the world."

- Mahatma Gandhi -