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By booking this appointment, you’ve taken the first steps toward creating the best life possible for you.  To get the most out of it, it’s important to follow these suggestions.

Please ensure:

  • you're in a distraction-free space and have privacy
  • your family or roommates know not to interrupt you
  • you have a glass of water
  • you have a paper and pen to take any notes or record your homeplay instructions


I will be respectful and sensitive to others, accepting them without making judgmentsI agree to do my part in creating and maintaining a safe and comfortable environment for everyone.

I will hold a supportive space for others when they share their experiences.

I agree to refrain from offensive language.

I will silence my mobile devices and put them away for the duration of the call


I understand that it is my responsibility to take action towards attaining the results I desire. I understand that any changes I experience are a result of the work that I put into creating these changes.



I understand I will be sent email reminders about my upcoming appointment. The first and second one are at 72 hours and 26 hours respectively to give me a chance to make changes should I need to. The last reminder is set at 1 hour prior to my appointment.  


I understand I will also receive email reminders for my group call. In the reminder emails for each call, I will find the most up-to-date access codes and links. I will remember that these will change each week, and I will click the link provided in the most recent reminder email series to access the call.



I understand that if I need to make any changes to my appointment, I am able to do so online up until 24 hours before my appointment. If I am having difficulty doing this online, I will send Roshelle Celeste an email at [email protected] before the 24 hour window. I understand that changes to my appointment are no longer possible within the window of 24 hours prior to my appointment. I understand that at this time the Universal Energies start to flood in to prepare my energies and our connection for the shifts that will happen during and after our appointment. I understand that Roshelle Celeste will still get downloads of information and insights for me during our scheduled time, so it is important for me to show up and be open to receiving these shifts.

I understand that should extenuating circumstances occur within the 24 hour period, by speaking with Roshelle Celeste, we can arrange an alternative solution, which may include a 50% rescheduling fee.


I understand that since these are group sessions, any call I miss will be at my own discretion, and there will not be any refund issued for missed calls.  Roshelle Celeste understands that sometimes life gets busy and that's why the lecture and  guided process of these calls are recorded. I understand that if I miss a session, I can catch up on through the recording.

I understand that that Universal Energies start to flood in to prepare my energies and our connection for the shifts that will happen during and after the call.  I agree that I have booked these sessions and said Yes to myself. Said Yes to living my life in a way that is aligned with my dreams.  If I find that I'm starting to miss calls, I will ask myself what's behind this. I understand that it may be time to examine if I am short-changing myself and allowing myself to stay in the story thats keeping me playing small. I understand that although this is a pattern we have all taken at some point in our lives, it's time to stop the cycle of old patterns and re-affirm my Yes to myself!


I understand that any messages and content within these sessions are not meant to diagnose, mitigate or treat any symptom or condition I am experiencing. I agree to seek out the appropriate medical attention and care for any and all concerns I have.



Individual sessions may be recorded for training purposes, or used to extract material for the purposes of creating products or programs.


I understand and consent to the use and release of any recording of Group Session Calls by the team at Roshelle Celeste. I understand that these recordings may be used for promotional material, learning and growth opportunities, and community access to replays. I understand that my name and any content I share openly on these calls will not be used for any other purpose. I understand that I relinquish any rights to the recordings and I understand that the recordings may be copied and used by the team at Roshelle Celeste without further permission.  

I understand that participation on the group calls is voluntary and I can choose to listen without sharing personal experiences.

I understand that Roshelle Celeste agrees to keep all information about and conversations with me private and confidential. No personal ideas, information, thoughts or experiences expressed by me will be shared with anyone without permission.

I understand that confidentiality is my right, regardless of who is paying the fees.

I understand that from time to time, Roshelle Celeste may share the nature of the session, without details identifying me, with either another coaching or healing professional or mentor for the purpose of seeking guidance or with students and readers for educational purposes.

I understand that there are exceptions to confidentiality. I understand these include:

  1. Information requested through a court order or subpoena
  2. If I am a danger to myself or others
  3. When there’s more than one person present in the room listening to the session
  4. When the session is being recorded (either party is to make the other aware if the session is being recorded.)


I understand that due to the nature of recorded group sessions, it is not possible to maintain any form of confidentiality. I also agree to abide by these rules of conduct. I understand that I will only share publicly what I would write in my memoirs and don’t mind being considered public information.

I understand that when I share personal details on the call that I will focus on my own experiences, and I will leave identifying details about other individuals out of the conversation. I understand this means that information such as name, workplace, address, family members, friends or colleagues information, etc, will not be brought up on the call. I understand that the authorities will be contacted if there is any indication of harm being threatened or done to a person (child, adult, or yourself).


I understand that I will not receive any promotional material from Roshelle Celeste, however I will still receive reminders and the recording links for packages I have purchased.


I understand that I can stop the subscription to these group sessions at any time, by 2 methods.

  • Firstly, by going into the confirmation of registration email I received and cancelling the subscription.
  • Secondly, by emailing the team at Roshelle Celeste with the Subject Line: Please Cancel My Subscription.

I understand that this subscription will stop at the end of the current cycle and I will still have access to the calls in the remaining current cycle. I understand in stopping the subscription, I no longer have access to call recordings.


I understand there are no refunds issued for packages where the first session has already occurred, whether private or group.

I understand it is my responsibility to book my sessions each month and that any unused sessions at the end of the month will not be carried over unless otherwise agreed upon in writing ahead of time with Roshelle Celeste.

I understand there are no refunds for missed sessions, whether private or group.


There are no refunds issued within 24 hours of your first session occurring, or after the first session has been completed.


There are no refunds after the first scheduled group call.

I understand that no refund will be issued for missed group sessions.


Any terms listed above, or in our privacy policy, can be updated at our discretion. Please check back each time you book an appointment to ensure nothing has changed.

If you are in complete agreement and understanding of the above terms listed on this page, please click the box indicated and continue booking your sessions.

If you have questions about anything that is written here, please contact us.

If you are not in agreement, please exit the scheduling browser and continue on your day with our blessings.


Also note, by scheduling your appointment, you have clicked that you have read and accepted the terms of services, you are also agreeing to abide by all terms, conditions and disclaimers listed on this page and on our website policy page. For our Privacy Policy, please click here, or scroll down to our page footer.   

By scheduling your appointment, you have checked the box indicating that you are
agreeing to the terms of use, disclaimer and conditions that follows below.

You are further agreeing to the terms laid out in our privacy policy.

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