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It's time to Believe In What's possible For you

Hey! I'm Roshelle


I work with soul-aligned people around the world to help them release the layers of inner stickiness that deregulates their nervous system, perpetuates anxiety, and creates discordant belief systems.

This helps them to realign their energetic blueprint with beauty, grace and joy, and embody deep states of worthiness, empowerment, inner peace, self-trust, and self-love.

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Roshelle Celeste, Master's Degree in Counselling & Spirituality

As a Self-Love and Embodiment Coach and Intuitive Quantum Facilitator, Roshelle hosts both private and group sessions designed to shift energetic blocks, and welcome back your natural state of wellbeing, peace and balance. This opens your awareness to new possibilities in your life, creating shifts in your consciousness and ability to hold increasingly higher frequencies in your body and energy fields.

    As a Jewellery Designer, Roshelle works with the metaphysical meanings of Healing Crystals when designing her unique pieces. By feeling into the energy flow of specific combinations of stones, she weaves together a Crystalline Frequency Band that is programmed to assist you in shifting habits and energetic patterns that are blocked within you.

    Throughout her life, Roshelle experienced a deep connection with her spirit and crystalline guides, leading her to study numerous metaphysical modalities and delve into evidence based research during her graduate studies.

    This exploration helped provide a bridge between her childhood connection to her guides and her journey into adulthood on her own healing journey. This powerful combination led Roshelle to hold a deep, sacred container for her clients to explore their own fears and emotional pain, and allow the space to heal their shadow wounding and core wounds.

    Roshelle's clients have shared they feel:

    • Safe, acknowledged and accepted.
    • Motivated, excited and full of clarity.
    • Renewed, lighter and full of peace.
    • Connected to the Divine and to Universal Flow.
    • "Roshelle changed my life!"
    • "Today I feel like a totally different person"
    • "I feel so much lighter, pain free and clear"
    • "I can't believe that this is my life"
    • "All my blocks were removed and I can finally move on"

    The values that define my life and coaching

    Love, Grace and Beauty

    Abundant Thinking and Embodiment

    Gratitude and Appreciation

    Releasing Resistance and Judgement

    Embodying Curiosity and Creative Solutions

    Shifts in Our Energetic Body Affects Our Physical Reality

    Soul Mission and Purpose

    Us as Divine Spirit Having a Human Experience

    Deep Personal Connections Create Containers for Growth

    I believe in turning stories upside down and seeing things from a new perspective.

    I believe that in sitting in acceptance of the pain we tend to avoid, it becomes
    possible to allow a shift in our experience of pain, patterns and stories.

    I believe in daring to dream, and also in embodying our dreams.

    I believe in releasing that which is limiting whats possible for you.

    I believe in helping you to claim a life that is worthy of you.

    "I Feel Like a Changed Man"

    praise from people who said yes to themselves

    My Client's Say It Best

    Before working with Roshelle, I felt disconnected from my body, from my emotions and even my spirituality. Now I feel like a changed man; there's less pain in my body, my energy levels have skyrocketed, and my relationships with family and friends have become deeper and truer. I’m now experiencing less resistance to claiming my voice and my power, and I feel that my whole state of being has changed! Incredibly, it changed my relationship with my mother, probably 10 fold better! Now, instead of arguing and being dismissive of each other, we’re both opening up and showing deeper affection and love.

    - Kim

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    In any given moment, we have two options:
    to step forward into growth or to step back into safety.

    - Abraham Maslow -

    Work with Roshelle

    Do you YEARN to get in touch with a deeper sense of yourself,
    to EXPERIENCE nourishing and rewarding relationships,
    to LIVE your soul's purpose in all areas of your life,
    to BE in love with yourself and with life?

    Are you called to lean deeper into your big why, and to start making the difference you're here to make?

    Have you been noticing yourself allowing old stories, patterns or beliefs limit
    the opportunities you say YES! to in your life, your relationships or your business?

    Would you like some help with that?

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