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Art that can change your life

Crystal Healing Boutique

Each Crystal Healing Jewellery piece is handcrafted and works with the natural variations within each crystal, giving you a subtly unique creation to enjoy every day.

The crystals for each creation are chosen to work cohesively toward the goal, and to enhance the flow of communication between each crystal, your energy field and body.

Each piece has been cleared and programmed to work with it's natural energies and assist you in shifting towards your goal of embodying new frequencies.


To choose the right piece of jewellery for you, follow your heart or gut response.
You may be attracted to a particular stone.
You may be attracted to a particular statement.
You may feel a particular combination aligns with the goals you've set for yourself.

However you receive your personal nudge is perfect.



Wear art that will change your life!

Crystal Healing Jewellery

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"I Am..." Crystalline Collection

Crystal Healing Bracelets


Each Crystal Healing Bracelet is handcrafted and designed to embrace the meridians that run through your wrist. They entwine with the energies running through the meridians and carry the frequency through your body to the corresponding organs. Thus helping you to process blockages and move into an aligned state of being to embody your vision.

In the meantime, send me an email with your order!

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"I Am..." Crystalline Collection

Crystal Healing Necklaces


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In the meantime, send me an email with your order!

Each Crystal Healing Necklace is handcrafted. Each strand and pendant is designed to be mixed and matched. When you have multiple pieces, this allows you to play with the combination of stones and intentions you are embodying when you wear your jewellery.

The crystals lay across the vertical channel that runs the length of your spine. This carries the frequency of the each crystal through all the chakras, infusing your whole body with the frequencies that are aligned with your vision.

Custom Jewellery

I take a limited number of commissions each month.

If you are looking for something specific and would like to custom order a piece, please click the button below to start your request and to be put on the list.

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Limited Edition Collection

Crystal Healing Bracelets & Necklaces

Some pieces of jewellery are completely unique, and one-of-a-kind creations.

If you saw something that is no longer in stock, let me know. I may no longer have those specific crystals, but it may be possible to customize a piece specifically for you.

Activate It!

Guided Journey's to Activate Your Vision and Align Your Energies

Experience guided transmissions designed to introduce yourself to your new piece of jewellery and activate the new frequencies you are inviting into your life.

✨ activate the crystalline structure within your body ✨

✨ boost the communication & flow of energy ✨

✨ align your energetic frequency with your vision ✨

✨ settle into an embodied state ✨

✨ step into alignment and embody your vision ✨

Claim a life that's worthy of you.

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🎁 gift with jewellery purchase 🎁

🎁 gift with jewellery purchase 🎁

- Valerie -

Your jewellery is so special - absolutely phenomenal.  I can't tell you how amazing it feels to activate my energetic field every time I put on the crystal masterpiece you made me. Every time I wear it, I feel connected and aligned with my dreams.

Your designs are exquisite and whenever I wear your special creation, everyone is drawn to it .... it is truly one of a kind!

- Kimmer -

All I can say is WOW!

The necklace I got from you feels so aligned and I feel protected every time I put it on. And with all the people I cross paths with everyday, that's saying something!

I feel the energy tingling and flowing through my fingers when I touch it, and its a great reminder to tap into the present moment.  

- Marion -

Thank you for designing such a special piece for my wedding. Not only did it cover the something blue, but you designed it to beautifully work with my emotional needs of the day. I felt held in a loving embrace all day, and every time I wear it, all the special moments come flooding back. Thank you!