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Roshelle Celeste

As a Quantum Energy Facilitator, I'm passionate about helping those, like you, on a spiritual path to embrace your gifts and welcome yourself more deeply than you've ever given yourself permission to do before.

I have always been a private person, but I'm opening up here, so we can get to know each other, because building a relationship is a mutual process. You get to find out all about me here, and I get to know you when we start working together.  That seems like a fair trade, yes?

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I get out of bed in the morning because the sun's up and its a glorious day. Or because it's raining and the cozy chair by the window is calling my name as I sip my morning tea. Or my kitty decides that today is the perfect time to be affectionate and is beyond adorable.

Beyond that, I'm driven to make a difference in people's lives. I want them to be able to wake up and truly see themselves as an amazing divine creation worthy of being loved fully and completely, firstly by themselves, and then by those whom they choose to surround themselves with.

And even further beyond that, as more people release suppressed and repressed emotions, our bodies stop being storehouses for low-density vibrations. This means a couple things. Firstly, we stop pushing things down because we think we shouldn't be feeling something, and instead, we welcome the moment for all that it offers. Secondly, we begin to embrace our gifts and talents, utilizing them to create a life purpose lifestyle. And thirdly, we impact the lives of those we spend the most time with, ushering them into accepting themselves more fully too. This in turn, impacts the vibration of the planet as a whole, creating a network  that supports our individual and collective journey forward. Okay, enough philosophizing!

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My journey to this point has been varied. I've taken my yoga instructor certification, as well as numerous healing modalities along the way. Things like Jikiden Reiki, PSYCH-K, Matrix Energetics. I explored etheric surgery, DNA activation, and shamanic journeying. I looked at candle magick, the potency behind herbal magick, and how seasonal shifts and astrology impacted us. I dived into the power of our sexuality as a healing tool and release of all the stored and repressed emotions. I explored relationships, anxiety, trauma and core wounds in my master's degree. I searched for a way to combine my understanding of the world and how we inhabit it. And through all of this, I created art - finding beauty and joy in photography, painting, and crystal jewellery.

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This melting pot of my journey creates unique insights into a person's psyche that I wouldn't have otherwise. The Masters degree in Counselling and Spirituality offered me a perspective of looking at people through an attachment focused lens.  We are formed by the relationships we have with our family in the early years of our lives.  Those experiences taught us what is safe, appropriate and most importantly, how we needed to interact with others in order to receive love. It's how we learnt about what self-love looked like, if it was present in those modelled behaviours around us.

And because we're all human and we all are operating on the best information we have at the time of action, we make mistakes and we mess up and we grow. We develop ways of interacting that work in one stage of our lives, but hinder us in our next.  Human lives are always in a state of learning, growth and change. Even when we think we're stagnant, we're gaining something from that experience.

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All of this culminates to say that my journey through self-discovery and various teachings has brought me to a place where I have the skill set to help people move through what is holding them back from experiencing the fullness of life. To help release fears, habits, judgements and blockages, so we can build new patterns based in self love and moving into an authentic expression of who we are inside.

♦︎   ♦︎   ♦︎

I admire each and every one of you who takes the leap of faith to work through the difficult emotions that hold you hostage. We all have a history and story to go along with these emotions, and it takes courage to stop and look at them for what they are, to see them for the experience you've had with them rather than as a defining moment in who you are in your true essence.

The journey into self-discovery doesn't end. Working with me is not a final step in your journey. But if you resonate with anything I've said, then consider perhaps that we are to journey together for this moment in time.

Life Journey

My name is Roshelle. I'm an Intuitive Life Coach and Quantum Energy Facilitator who is passionate about guiding you through releasing limiting subconscious patterns and core wounds that hold you back from experiencing the life you've always dreamed of.  I've been using my empathic and intuitive gifts for the last decade to help countless people from all around the world, heal core wounds and release subconscious sabotage, while  opening their awareness, raise their vibration and blossom into their gifts.

When I'm in communication with your Soul-Self, I get messages that allow me direct insight into the experiences you are living.  I channel Divine Source Energy and bring you to a space where we are working together to raise the vibration you're holding in your body.

Together, we'll look at what limiting factors are holding you back from your next steps, and together we'll determine if we're a right fit for moving you forward on your journey. Either way, you'll receive massive value and understanding during the call.

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