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“My life is better than ever. I feel liberated, no longer bound to people, situations or circumstances which are out of my control.”

— Angeli Chitale, Naturopathic Doctor

My clients say it best



My Life is Better Than Ever... It's Like a Whole New World Opened Up for ME!

I highly recommend working with Roshelle to shift key deep-seated patterns and limiting beliefs and step into a new relationship with yourself! I had such profound shifts in multiple areas of my life from my session with Roshelle. Immediately after my session, felt connected to my higher self. Since the session, I can stand in my truth in a way that honours my experience, and speak from this place without guilt, fear or shame. This has reduced my anxiety significantly since I no longer over-plan or overthink situations- instead I trust my inner voice and confidently speak with care from that place in the moment.  

As a result, I'm now able to let go of situations much quicker than before and I've stopped feeling responsible for taking care of everyone else's stuff! With this, my sleep has improved too. I used to spend hours at night processing my day, but now I'm sleeping deeper and I'm dreaming again!

My personal relationships with those close to me have also shifted to a more balanced and positive space where I am no longer drawn into the personal dramas and ego trips of others.  I have also noticed that I no longer feel disempowered within a multi-generational construct. I am able to transcend this painful cycle which had left me feeling diminished, demoralized and undignified in the past. After my Heart-Fire Session with Roshelle, I feel liberated, no longer bound to people, situations or circumstances which are out of my control.

— Angeli Chitale, Naturopathic Doctor —

“Roshelle is my trusted coach! She is amazing because she's able to tune in and get to the heart of the issue.”

Roshelle is amazing because she is able to tune in and get to the heart of the issue. Without telling her a single thing about a certain family member, she honed in on the pattern and energy dynamic and how it influenced my life and was able to lead me through a powerful healing exercise. I immediately felt lighter and clearer and able to relate to this person in a different way. I had been through many therapy sessions that NEVER brought the level of insight and impact that Roshelle brought in one session!

In other sessions, she has been able to pinpoint limitations I’ve had around money or time and created an amazing energetic clearing that really made an impact. She helped me to see and say yes to my purpose and potential at a level far beyond my current aspirations. Roshelle is my trusted coach for helping and healing. She connects with incredible intuition and accuracy to your Higher Self and brings innovative energy awareness and tools to help transform things on all levels.

Working with Roshelle will change your life! You will experience greater levels of clarity, impact, and fulfillment!

— Diane Pryzmus, Intuitive Business Coach —

“Roshelle is my trusted coach! She is amazing because she's able to tune in and get to the heart of the issue.”

“My very first session with Roshelle was awesome - I was blown away by how accurate her readings were!”

— Eram Saeed, Creator of From Heartache to Joy Global Telesummit

My very first session with Roshelle was awesome! I couldn't believe my ears when she described to me a project I'm working on, using the exact words I use to describe it! No one else in the world knows about this project. I was blown away that she tapped into this information!

I started our second session feeling unmotivated and overwhelmed with the enormity of fitting in time to start writing a special book, especially with so many other priorities in my life. Let me just say, Roshelle continued to astound me with the accuracy and her powerful clearings. As I experienced her Heart-Fire Session, I felt the energy very strongly as issues were being cleared out. By the end of the session, not only was I feeling excited to get started and ideas were just bombarding me, but I felt such a deep and profound connection with the Divine. I highly recommend booking your session with Roshelle!

— Eram Saeed, Creator of From Heartache to Joy Global Telesummit —

“Working with Roshelle was like a Miracle... I went from an 8 on 10 to a ONE!!!"

- Anita Olivacce

“My feelings of anxiety and being alone went from a solid eight to a ZERO... ALL the blocks to my Higher Self have finally been removed!! "

- Jennifer, Texas

“It felt so easy to open up to her…”

- Kerrin, Toronto

Throughout my entire life I have suffered with issues of rejection and lack of self worth in one way or another. And what I loved most about Roshelle, was that she could just hone in on my core wounds of not feeling enough and feeling unloveable. She went very deep while working to release all the energy of these core beliefs, and as she did this I felt intense emotions and the need to cry and release the essence of these feelings! After we worked on the core wounds Roshelle guided me through a beautifully, powerful deep meditation where I expanded into a wonderful place of lightness and joy where I felt like I was floating. Roshelle's work is very powerful and she can moves things within you in a very gentle and loving manner. I feel much lighter and calmer... thank you! Blessings.

— N. Kaur —

I Was Able to Release Everything…
I Feel So Much Lighter Now!

My session with Roshelle Celeste left me in tears - tears that were bubbling up since last March and even beyond that. Roshelle gave me a message that my Mom, who transitioned this past March, loves me and is extremely proud of me. This message was exactly what I needed to hear from my Mom! Deep down, I felt guilty because I was not there as she was transitioning.

Roshelle also guided me through a process that cleared the emotional knots that I have been holding and that I had thought I had cleared oh so long ago.

There were five big knots that I had tucked away so deeply that Roshelle found, with the route linked into a low back pain that started after a car accident in 2007. Roshelle helped me clear each deep knot. I ended at an altar, the source of magical gifts that I will return to and collect as those are unfolded and revealed in time.

With love and many thanks to Roshelle for guiding me through this process and clearing the wounding knots.  And mostly many thanks for bringing the message from my Mom.  Much love and light. 

— Wendy H. —

All My Blocks Were Removed…
I Can Finally Move On!!!

I had just turned 65 years old the week before, and was feeling so dismayed at the effects of trauma from my childhood that have been a cloud hovering over me all my life.  I've done a lot of work over the years to try to clear my pain, but was looking for something new to help dissolve blocks to living life with a renewed passion and creativity.  

I was pretty shocked when Roshelle went right into identifying the area of my body where I held great emotional pain and trauma: my breasts! She connected this to my father and asked me what this was about. I was caught by surprise as the floodgate to my emotions gave way to tears, and I described my past with my father. Roshelle zeroed in on this deeply hurtful terrible memory. She had already identified that I felt undeserving, unimportant and unlovable. I had blocked my growth on just about every level, intellectually, spiritually, in intimacy, in creativity, and others that she mentioned. I chose to be unseen.  She was clearing blocks in present time and going backwards and forward in time with my family lineage. I felt a huge support for what was happening, a gathering of supporters with me!

Since my session with Roshelle, I have been acknowledging my desire to begin a renewed life where I feel loved, protected and acknowledged by the most important person in my life to do those things: ME! I feel inspired and ABLE to pursue my intellectual and creative abilities, to move beyond what has dis-ABLED me.

I found her voice very soothing as she softly coaxed me to open and release, I felt safe in going to the core of the pain she drew from my depths. I absolutely would like to work with her again!

— Celeste Crago —

She Helped Renew My Life Where I Feel
Loved, Protected and Acknowledged by ME!

Working with Roshelle was wonderful and her voice was so lovely. I really love that we got right into the Heart-Fire session and utilized every minute! She led me through many different processes utilizing her experience, my responses to her questions, her personalized Heart-Fire hand mudra for me while addressing the issues of worthiness, deservedness, failure, unloved, etc.

Roshelle cleared a past life issue where my family was burned at the stake and I felt it was my fault. In our session, I felt a shift that I do not need to be responsible for anyone other than myself now. Before the end of our session, I no longer felt any responsibility to save everyone from the fire.  

I love Roshelle's process of connecting to the heart of the Earth and I felt complete as my session ended with her. It was as though we had been on a long journey and accomplished so much. I feel much lighter and happier! I am so grateful for Roshelle Celeste and FHTJ. My experience of this session with Roshelle was so beautiful.  I am so thankful for it and for being a part of the beautiful FHTJ community.  Infinite blessings. 

— Melinda —

I Feel Much Lighter and Happier Now!

I had been very stuck in my life since early childhood when my father passed away and self sabotaging was the only thing working in my life. I desperately wanted to live the life I had always imagined for myself. Roshelle was really wonderful as she listened and she connected to my field... it was like she knew what had happened and pinpointed the stuff that was holding me back! She told me about my core wounds and how they had been there for a very long time and the description she gave me was spot on. Everything she said resonated with me as true and this explained so much about why so many different areas of my life had not been working! I was so happy that the healing happened right then and there during my session with her! She even gave me techniques to do if I got triggered and an exercise I can do in the mornings. These both have really served to strengthen my results. It has made me feel better and better and now I feel like that part of me that caused all of this just shriveled up and died. I was transmuted. I guess I feel like that was another version of me because today I feel like a totally different person now since these issues no longer exist!

I would definitely recommend her wholeheartedly. I think that she would really help you to move forward in whatever area of your life and transmute the blocks in your way to be successful or whatever it is that you are looking for! 

— Kelly Green —

Today I Feel Like a Totally Different Person and I Love It!

I had a very heavy feeling in my heart area for a few months now prior to working with Roshelle. During my session with her we did an incredible process to open my heart space more by removing old pain that was ready to be released. I find that Roshelle has beautiful energy, it is very soft and sweet! And I honestly believe anyone can benefit from working with her in the area of the heart! I highly recommend her work! 

— Kecia Prentice (Matthews) —

I Finally Have More Heart Space Now!

I have had constant neck / shoulder pain for many years, recent knee pain and emotional stress where I had a deep feeling that something was holding me back or sabotaging me and a deep seated fear of stepping into my power and being seen. Roshelle was so amazingly accurate when she dove deep into my emotions and internal self talk and into the root cause of my physical issues. Each time a new emotion was explored, she worked to help remove what was blocking me and I could feel physical stress and pain leave my body.  I found the healing visualisation process amazing with Roshelle! I easily went into my heart space with the energy she held and we went on a wonderful healing journey.

I continue to have a deep sense of peace and grounding since the healing with Roshelle and find I can drop into my heart space very easily now. I feel the fear that I was holding onto was released and I now feel calmer in my everyday life. The release of physical pain in my shoulder, and neck and stress in my stomach and tightness of muscles in parts of my physical body were instant. I couldn't believe how accurate and fast Roshelle was at diving into my deepest hidden emotions and how my barriers were instantly dissolved due to the way Roshelle works and the instant connection and trust you feel when you work with her.

I would absolutely recommend anyone wanting to release emotional pain and fear or not knowing why you feel so disjointed should work with Roshelle. I cannot say enough how super accurate and fast she was at getting me to admit my deepest secret feelings of myself and how simply she was able to allow me to release them!  

— Rebecca J. —

I Felt the Pain Leaving My Body DURING THE SESSION
and All My Barriers Were Instantly Dissolved!

My session with Roshelle was beyond my expectations… I never realized that I needed to go that deep in order to get a clearer vision on who I am and what my purpose in life truly is all about. It has created a whole new level in my life that I never even imagined possible! I was able to come to terms with my purpose and I will be forever grateful to Roshelle for confirming something very personal to me that holds my heart in a very dear space. This experience was magical in every sense of the word… from the journey she took me on to the place I needed to see! I invite anybody who wants to reach that personal level of knowing your truth, to have a session with Roshelle! Thank you so much for this incredible journey!  

— Tracey B Buysse, FHTJ Team Member —

My Future is Crystal Clear Now Thanks to Roshelle!

All my life, I have had a phobia about people. I was afraid of everyone, even several members of my family. I would almost have a "panic attack" when faced with a conversation. I was afraid that I had nothing interesting to talk about with them. I was afraid they would ask me to do something and I would be unable to say "no". I was afraid they would criticize me and I would be unable to stand up for myself. I felt very disconnected. My hands would get ice cold. I used to sit on them in an attempt to warm them up, in case anyone wanted to shake hands with me.

This was crippling for all my relationships, and I felt very lonely. The times I felt the most lonely was not when I was alone, but when I was with others. So the best thing for me seemed to spend much of my life by myself. Roshelle helped me see that my mind has been telling me lies, in its efforts to "protect me". That was a new concept for me.  And something shifted.

In only a couple of sessions, Roshelle helped to clear up about 90% of my fears - I am not even aware of how that happened. I only knew I felt "different" after our sessions. I now feel much more relaxed in my own skin and with others.

She is very gifted in her field, and I am grateful to Roshelle for helping me to re-awaken my love, both for myself and those around me.

— Jean Campbell, Canada —

I am amazed at what Roshelle  accomplished in only a couple of sessions.

My session with Roshelle was so helpful! Right away, Roshelle picked up on a core wound that I was carrying around: I am not enough, I am unloved, incomplete, imperfect, unworthy. I have always been an “adapter” to situations, and my higher self came through to let me know that it doesn’t mean I have to take on a heavy load, that I can say no, and if I do say no, then it means it’s not in my high interest, nor is it in theirs. I always felt so hopeless in making any changes in the world that mattered, and thought that I had to be the President to contribute or make any changes for humanity, but Roshelle assured me that simple “beingness” is enough, feeling joy, lighting me up from the inside is reflected back on others, so they feel it too.

In our session, Roshelle brought me to a space that held acceptance of myself, and cleared heavy energies from the tops my shoulders not only from myself, but also from my lineage.  I felt the warmth of energy working with me, and with the heaviness that was released from my shoulders and stomach, I felt so much lighter, pain-free and clearer. I now know it is essential for me to take time for myself, to be grounded daily to Gaia... and to go to that healing place to release wounds and center.   

— Laurie Heustis —

All the heavy energies have been removed and I now feel so much lighter, pain-free and clearer!

I have had low self esteem, pain from past hurts and just overall feeling unhappiness for over 10 years. After listening to Roshelle's MP3's I started having more confidence, felt happier and felt forgiveness for some of my past hurts. I cried a lot and felt like I am finally letting stuff go that had been bottled up. I wasn't expecting to cry so much and release as much as I did! I feel much better overall and I have released a lot of pain that was in my heart and it made me feel more self confident. I would definitely recommend her work to others!  

— K. D., Texas —

Finally Letting Go and Feeling Much Happier!

I have completed a week of Roshelle Celeste's relationship to self program. It required listening to a set of four soundtracks. Now that seemed easy. On the contrary it was difficult. The soundtracks effect such strong energy changes that my energy body could not handle. I would pass out to sleep or force myself to continue. Eventually the blocks were eroded and I am now at peace with myself. I find Roshelle's energy to be potent and highly recommend her healing.

— Zaid B. —

I am now at peace with myself!

I have been suffering from doing things that I would consider counter productive to what I would like my life to be like and this has been an ongoing issue since childhood due to traumas and not feeling good enough. After listening to Roshelle's audios, I have a feeling of calmness and I'm not overthinking as much as I have in the past. Just the feeling of not constantly feeling overwhelmed has been a wonderful benefit! I'm looking forward to seeing what other benefits appear as time goes by. Knowing how I have been benefiting from these audios, I would recommend Roshelle and hope others will see the great results I have so far! Thanks for this great opportunity. I really enjoyed it and hope I can participate again in the future.

— Natalia Garcia —

I’m No Longer Overwhelmed and I’ve Stopped Overthinking!

I am finally learning to always be living with source, I am dropping parts of my story more and more every day. This has allowed me to love myself more and accept myself for who I truly am! I am no longer playing the shame game or finding blame in me. After listening to Roshelle’s MP3’s… I definitely see a huge sudden accelerated change in my inner world… and there is more stillness which I appreciate and love! Thank you! 

— Maria, Florence, Italy —

I'm no longer playing the shame game!

Roshelle lights a torch and guides you through long forgotten about passageways, clearing the path back to your truth. She takes you on a journey, guiding you through your self until you come across the pieces of self that are wanting to come into alignment. Once there, she asks questions, touching on what she sees, and brings awareness to what's been holding you back from living and expressing your authenticity.  

Roshelle's approach is gentle and direct. She is able to see the root of what is manifesting your life now and shine a light, bringing to the surface that which is difficult to dig into on one's lonesome. She captures those limiting beliefs holding you back from your truth! 

— Astaria, Sound Healer —

While Digging Into My Painful Past...
I Was Surrounded by a Net of Love!

I have experienced such a profound shift in my energy since my first session with Roshelle. In my old life, I was beginning to isolate myself from society and felt quite heavy. Now, I feel more positive and uplifted, while also feeling grounded and whole. Everyone notices how much more I'm able to accomplish in my day now. I am even stronger physically and feel less emotionally raw and fragile. I see more possibilities open to me, and my eyes take in the world more clearly... even my days are brighter now and the world is my oyster! I am so excited about the possibilities ahead. The changes are so unbelievable that when I think about my life, it’s hard to believe that it’s mine! 

— Valerie, Ottawa —

I Can't Believe This is My Life!"

I had a wonderful intuitive coaching session with Roshelle! I was so amazed by how Roshelle picked up on my thoughts and options that I had been contemplating on my own for a while in regard to different lines of work since I am changing gears in life in regard to my job and career. Her feedback was extremely useful, right on point, practical and she also corroborated my own intuitions, which I hadn’t shared with her before the reading! Her guidance gave me the much needed motivation to make decisions to pursue specific areas in my line of work. I really think that Roshelle has extraordinary gifts of intuition which I am extremely grateful for and I know she will use them to help many people in their life journeys! 

— Carlos Campos, LA —

Motivated to Make BIG Changes!

What you offered me in our sessions is EXACTLY what I needed! Not often do you get a "know it all like me" to change my perspective. My higher self told me to be open and I would receive something, and boy did I ever! The message you uncovered has become crystal clear since you've provided me with the perfected method I needed to focus on. Funny how the universe ties us together. Thanks again! 

— Zavae, Italy —

I Definitely Feel More Connected Now!

Roshelle is very gifted when it comes to seeing people and their potentials. She treated me in the most humble and respectful way and actually listened when I asked questions. She managed to give me more than one vital tool in one session and it truly helped me to move on from where I was stuck. I’d definitely recommend her for life guidance! 

— Kira, Denmark —

I'm No Longer Stuck!

My sessions with Roshelle were very purposeful and on point to what was in my highest good. I had specific areas that I wished to work on and even though these varied, Roshelle was able to provide me with clear truth around each one of them. The practical next steps and tune-ins allowed me to make a full shift, which I have certainly felt! Thank you so very much Roshelle! 

— Rebecca, Austrailia —

I Have So Much More Clarity in My Life Now!

Roshelle got right to the root of my problem, both current and past lives! She ensured the solutions she had received from the higher space were fully integrated for me. I have had the privilege to work with her 1:1 a couple of times and she has left me amazed with her clear sight, wisdom and purity! I have physically felt the shifts from her integrations during and right after her sessions. I highly recommend her if you are looking to transform your fears and pains into a pathway of success! 

— Payal, Austrailia —

My Fears and Pains Were Transformed Into a Pathway of Success!

Listening and experiencing Roshelle's meditations afforded me the deep relaxation, recognition and release of emotions I needed to heal and left me feeling restored and empowered afterwards. Her gentle soothing yet energetic powerful voice and music allowed me to easily connect body and mind to her guided meditations and wisdom she bestows. Thank you Roshelle, these meditations are a gift! 

— Jena, Canada —

I Feel Restored!


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