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Quantum Radiance

rewire your consciousness,
connect into your deeper vision,
and expand your capacity to receive

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Would you rather embody your inner radiance, purpose
and freedom,and start living a life you love?

learn how to powerfully raise your vibrations
and rewrite your energetic architecture to remove
your limiting beliefs, activate your life purpose and
finally feel worthy of the life you desire


rewire your consciousness in as little as 20 minutes per day


transform all your fears and pains into a pathway
of success, lightness, and joy

It’s NO coincidence that you’re right HERE, right NOW.


You are here to RELEASE YOURSELF from your fears and pains, heal your wounds, set yourself FREE from past setbacks, and start living the life you always imagined.


You’ve probably tried many different modalities. The results last for a little while, perhaps a few days, or weeks… But eventually you always find yourself falling back into the same patterns, leading you to feel unlovable, unworthy, undeserving, and insignificant.


WHY can’t you seem to break through this vicious cycle?
WHY does this keep happening to you?

Do you feel lost, alone, and like you don’t belong here or anywhere?

Would you rather be numb than having to constantly
experience empty and negative emotions?

Are you just waiting for the rug to be pulled out from
underneath you, just when you got back up again?

Do you feel it’s easier to just suffer and keep experiencing the
negative, rather than constantly having the positive ripped away from you?

Do you feel your past is haunting you and weighing you down?

Have you tried just about everything but NOTHING seems to be
working and you still feel stuck, anxious, and overwhelmed?

Are You Tired Of Your Painful Past Holding You Back?

It’s because things don’t happen to you, they happen FOR you! All you need to do is start using the past to fuel you, instead of letting it define you!

Shift To A Higher Vibration, Clear Your Energetic Blocks,
and turn your past fears and wounds into energy that works
FOR you to access your true self ON DEMAND

RELEASE physical, emotional, and spiritual pain - from both current and past lives!


Reprogram your wounded heart and LIVE PAIN-FREE

CLEAR HEAVY ENERGIES - not only from yourself, but also from your lineage!

INSTANTLY dissolve ALL your barriers & step into a world of LIGHTNESS & JOY

Leave ALL pain & suffering behind and manifest the life you always imagined!

And much, MUCH more!

What If You Could Flip A Single Switch To Heal ALL Your Wounds & Take Back Control Over Your Life - Would You Do It?

Discover Your Unique Codes Of Transformation


Activate Your Quantum Radiance


And Remove The Blockages That Are Preventing You From Connecting To Universal Source Energy


If you’re like 99% of the people who use energetic healing, manifesting, or intuition, your goal is simple: to realize your HIGHEST POTENTIAL.

But why do some people experience deep life-changing transformation while you are still wrestling with pains and fears, financial struggles, health challenges, unfulfilled potential, and jarring, unpredictable peaks and plateaus throughout your life?

Life After Quantum Radiance Is Truly Remarkable

Quantum Radiance rewires your consciousness around positive expectations, self-confidence,
and inner joy. Activating your Quantum Radiance expands your awareness and capacity
to receive - knowing literally ANYTHING is possible - allowing you to connect to a
deeper vision of your IDEAL reality.

By resetting your release codes you enable yourself to let go and activate a Higher
Self Consciousness. Weaving this new Higher Self Consciousness into the fabric of your memories, you clear emotional distortions and transform them into new possibilities. You’ll
then be able to recode the relationship with yourself and release pains & fears. Once you understand your blockages and limiting beliefs, resistances can be released and your
personal transformation codes unlocked - raising your vibrational frequency, expanding your abundant joy container, and fully activating your Personal Quantum Radiance.

Having activated your Quantum Radiance you have unblocked connection to Universal Source. You will have released pain, shame, and guilt, and replaced it with kindness and forgiveness. You’ll live in a perpetual state of bliss and light by being in your power - your centre. And, finally, you’ll have stepped into the best version of you!

It’s all about tapping into THE RIGHT SOURCE of transformation!

You’ll do this through a set of time-tested clearings, activations and attunements that were channeled for YOU during the recording process, and embedded into highly potent daily meditations and affirmations.

“Reverse Engineered my life!”
~ KD ~

“Feel Like a Changed Man, Relationships Have Improved ”
~ Kim ~

“I have started Seeing Life More Positively, Income increased by 25%”
~ Diane ~

“I was Afraid of People...Helped me re-awaken love for myself and others”
~ Jean Campbell ~

“My Life is Better Than Ever... It's Like a Whole New World Opened Up for ME!”
~ Angeli Chitale ~

“Amazing! Feel lighter, clearer…YES to my Purpose and Potential”
~ Diane Pryzmus~

“So positive and Uplifted, Can't Believe This is My Life!”
~ Valerie ~

“While Digging Into My Painful Past... I Discovered a Net of Love!”
~ Astaria ~

“All the heavy energies have been removed… Feel lighter, pain-free and clearer!”
~ Laurie Heustis ~

“Physical Pain Relieved! Removed What Was Blocking Me”
~ Rebecca J. ~

“I Finally Have More Heart Space Now!”
~ Kecia Prentice (Matthews) ~

“Today I Feel Like a Totally Different Person and I Love It!”
~ Kelly Green ~

“I Feel Much Lighter and Happier Now!”
~ Melinda ~

“She Helped Renew My Life Where I Feel Loved, Protected and Acknowledged by ME!”
~ Celeste Crago ~

“All My Blocks Were Removed… I Can Finally Move On!!!”
~ Wendy H. ~

“I Was Able to Release Everything… I Feel So Much Lighter Now!”
~ N. Kaur ~

“Motivated to Make BIG Changes!”
~ Carlos Campos ~

just look at the incredible results people are experiencing!

I have started seeing life more positively,
Income increased by 25%

For a long time, I have carried the story of having a painful childhood and couldn’t assert healthy boundaries in relationships. I was in a pattern of over giving to others at the expense of myself making me exhausted. In one of my sessions with Roshelle where we were activating my quantum radiance, my perspective instantly shifted and I started seeing life more positively. Now when I look back into my childhood, I remember the positive adventures I had growing up. Even in moments of stress and triggering events, I’m able to maintain my center and choose a response that empowers me. I feel more confident. Even in the last 2 weeks, my income has increased by over 25%!

- Diane Pryzmus

I'm ready Roshelle - I want in!!!



Activating Quantum Radiance guides you through an easy to follow 6 week curriculum.

Each week will focus on unique aspects of your quantum field - allowing you to:

  • Gradually rewire your consciousness around positive expectations, self-confidence and inner joy
  • Expand your awareness and capacity to receive, knowing anything is possible
  • Connect deeper to the vision of your ideal reality
  • Activate and finally integrate new codes of transformation, inner radiance, and abundant joy

Everything you will experience is based on some of the most effective techniques and advanced modalities for personal transformation which have been proven and time-tested to work like magic for thousands of people.

All weekly lessons and guided activations will be delivered by Roshelle Celeste live each Sunday evening at 6pm PST, and then posted on the program platform for you to repeat throughout the week.

Each week contains:

  • Lessons and Exercises from Roshelle Celeste, delivered live on Sunday evenings
  • Activations guided by Roshelle Celeste, to be repeated throughout the week
  • Reflection Day - Integrate the lessons, exercises and energetic shifts at the end of each week 

curriculum summary


Week 1: Reset Your Release Codes

In Week 1, you’ll be deep diving into profound energy work to get fully aware of and clear where you are right now: the patterns, habits and behaviours that perpetuate the stories that don’t serve you.

Highlights Include:

  • Ground into your current reality
  • Upgrade your vibrational frequency
  • Remembering your personal connection to all that’s possible


  • Transformation Code: Releasing and Letting Go
  • Weekly Exercise: Grounding into Emotional Clarity
  • Daily Activation: Activating Higher Self Consciousness


week 1

week 2


Week 2: Detoxing Your Emotions

In Week 2, you’ll be clearing and dissolving emotional distortions and fragments left behind in your own painful experiences, as well as collective distortions held within your DNA and energy fields.

Highlights Include:

  • Understand personal and imprinted emotional distortions in our collective field
  • Weave Higher Self Consciousness into your memories
  • Unlock and shift distortions from your physical body and transform them into new possibilities


  • Transformation Code: Releasing and Letting Go
  • Weekly Exercise: Reframing the Inner Child
  • Daily Activation: Clearing Emotional Distortions



Week 3: Leaning into Trifinity

In Week 3, you’ll be upgrading and recoding pain from judgement and resentment held deep inside the heart and physical body.

Highlights Include:

  • Recode your relationship with yourself
  • Understand the inner triangle of pain
  • Release pain from heartbreak and grievances
  • Activate your golden breath


  • Transformation Code: Allowing
  • Weekly Exercise: Transmit Heartbreak Distortions
  • Daily Activation: Activate the Trifinity of Forgiveness

week 3

week 4


Week 4:Elevate Your Alignment

In Week 4, you’ll be elevating your energetic alignment of your current reality and activating light-heart boundaries.

Highlights Include:

  • Understand your heart-language that honours your inner truth, vision and alignment
  • Understand what you’re tolerating in your desire field
  • Recode your boundaries to align with your abundant joy


  • Transformation Code: Allowing
  • Weekly Exercise: Meeting Your Personal Council
  • Daily Activation: Getting to Know Your Emotional Boundaries

Week 5: Activate Your Transforming Codes

In Week 5, you’ll connect with your personal transformation codes to allow in your inner radiance and abundant joy.

Highlights Include:

  • Understand your resistance to pleasure and abundant joy
  • Access radical self-acceptance
  • Tap into your deeper vision
  • Understand who you need to be when committing to this aligned vision of your desired reality.


  • Transformation Code: Receiving
  • Weekly Exercise: Releasing Resistance
  • Daily Activation: Allowing What Is to Reach Your Deeper Reality

week 5

week 6


Week 6: Optimizing Your Radiance Alchemy

In Week 6, you’ll integrate all transformation codes and lock in your Higher Self consciousness. You’ll fully activate your Personal Quantum Radiance.

Highlights Include:

  • Raise your vibrational frequency
  • Optimize your radiance alchemy
  • Expand your energetic container for receiving joy


  • Transformation Code: Receiving
  • Weekly Exercise: Embodying What’s Possible
  • Daily Activation: Expand Your Abundant Joy Container

I'm ready Roshelle - I want in!!!


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I was afraid of people...
Helped me re-awaken love for myself and others

All my life, I have had a phobia of people. I was afraid of everyone, even several members of my family. I would almost have a "panic attack" when faced with a conversation. This was crippling for all my relationships, and I felt very lonely. The times I felt the most lonely was not when I was alone, but when I was with others. So the best thing for me seemed to spend much of my life by myself. Roshelle helped me and something shifted. In only a couple of sessions, she helped clear up about 90% of my fears. I now feel much more relaxed in my own skin and with others.

- Jean Campbell

If you're looking for the next steps, consider
3 or 6 month packages of support to create quantum shifts:


Radiance Coaching Packages

unlock your unique transformation codes

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abundant joy

inner radiance

Expand your awareness and capacity to receive, knowing anything is possible.

Blast through your fears and release limiting beliefs, patterns and blockages. Experience freedom, peace and love.

Rewire your consciousness around positive expectations, self-confidence and inner joy.




Get a snapshot into Roshelle's life and personal growth where
she shares tips, revelations, live videos, and more.

You're not stuck. You're just committed to certain patterns of behavior because they helped you in the past.  Now those behaviors have become more harmful than helpful.  The reason why you can't move forward is because you keep applying an old formula to a new level in your life.  Change the formula to get a different result.


- Emily Maroutian -