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Healing Jewellery

wear your personal luminous crystalline jewellery creation and experience an infusion of healing frequencies every time you put it on


infuse your energetic field with frequencies to match your desires

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Are you ready to transform your life and activate your goals, dreams & desires?


your powerful vortex


your aligned path


abundant flow

Are you ready to experience all that life has to offer to you?

Stunning crystal and gemstone jewellery that amplifies your power to magnetize your energetic field every time you wear it.


Use these Healing Jewellery Creations to:

experience the effect of crystals

Gemstones access a variety of frequencies and vibrations
that aid in infusing and aligning your energies with your goals.

Specific combinations of crystals amplify unique frequencies within you. When crystal jewellery is worn consciously and with your intention in mind, it acts to amplify your resonance with
the frequency of your goal.
This brings your energetic field powerfully into alignment with your goal.

activated jewellery is powerful

Use activated crystals to access the crystalline matrix within the earth grid and powerfully bring your goals into fruition.


Weave the crystalline energies into your own to create a
powerful vortex of energy to magnetize the highest
vibration of your desires.


Illuminate your path forward while wearing a stunning combination of crystal gemstones, chosen to amplify your innermost dreams.



Collaborate with me to set your intentions and activate your energetic connection within the matrix of the stones to tap into the power flowing within our Earth Mother's gridlines.

Every time I wear my necklace, I feel it amplify the connection with my dreams.

Your jewellery is so special - absolutely phenomenal.  I can't tell you how amazing it feels to activate my energetic field every time I put on the crystal masterpiece you made me. Every time I wear it, I feel connected and aligned with my dreams.

Your designs are exquisite and whenever I wear your special creation, everyone is drawn to it .... it is truly one of a kind!

- Valerie

  • “I am now at peace with myself!”
  • “I feel restored!"
  • “So positive and uplifting..."
  • "Feel lighter, happier and clearer!”
  • “I finally have more heart space!”
  • "I feel loved, protected and acknowledged by ME!”
  • “I'm no longer stuck!”
  • “I definitely feel more connected now!”
  • “Motivated to make BIG changes!”
  • “My future is crystal clear now."

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  • message Roshelle with your enquiry of availability for the specific item you're interested in
  • all creations are individual and one of a kind, and although no exact replications are possible, requests for similar creations may be possible and are considered on a case by case basis

I want a piece I saw in the gallery!!!


I will contact you two weeks prior to creating your custom piece of crystalline jewellery to find out all about your goals and what you are seeking to be activated in your energetic field.


Send a message answering the following questions:


What is your personal jewellery style? What are you seeking to transform in your life? What are your goals, dreams and aspirations?
Tell me about what makes this transformation so important for you.

I want my own piece of personalized activated jewellery!!!

Reserve your spot on the waitlist now!

Note: Roshelle offers her coaching clients the option to upgrade their package with a custom activated item of jewellery to assist in their transformation process.

Customized Healing Activation

If you're looking to amplify the effects of your crystalline jewellery, consider a personalized healing activation:


upgrade your reality, experience peace of mind, vitality & self-love

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Experience an infusion of light and embedded transformation frequencies, encoded directly into the vibrations of the activation meditation channelled specifically for you.

Relax while I tune into the frequencies required to infuse your energetic field with vibrations to shift into new possibilities.

Jump on a private call where we will briefly discuss your dreams and blockages, before tapping into the frequencies to channel your custom activation meditation.



Crystals are amplifying minerals. You have a crystal in a radio - it amplifies the sound waves. You have a crystal in a television set - it amplifies the light waves. When you hold crystals, they amplify thought waves.

- Shirley MacLaine -


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